Directed by Tom Shadyac
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jon Farhat
Special Makeup Effects: Rick Baker

Visual Effects Produced by:


Eddie Murphy stars in this hilarious remake of the Jerry Lewis comedy. Rick Baker's makeup is absolutely flawless on Murphy, transforming Murphy from the corpulent Professor to the skinny and frenetic Buddy Love. Murphy also appears as the Professor's brother, mother, father and grandmother a la BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II. The five of them spend two dinner scenes together, and the CFC's digital split-screen work is terrific. The composites were flawless.

Rick Baker supervised the makeup effects
for Eddie Murphy as the corpulent
Professor Sherman Klump.

Rhythm & Hues provided many digital morphs
and CG elements for the film, including this
shot from the end of the film.

The transformation scenes were also visually stunning. Near the end of the film, the Professor makes numerous tranformations back and forth between fat and slim. Rhythm & Hues Studios created many CG enhancements for Murphy, and their human textures and CG lighting were very well done and fit perfectly within each scene.

Computer Film Company (CFC) composited this dream-sequence shot of Klump
growing to enormous proportions. Clever techniques were used for
the convincing shadows and reflections off the sides of nearby buildings.

Murphy turns in an exceptional performance; his comedic talents once again shine in this consistently funny film. I guarantee an Academy Award nomination for Rick Baker's phenomenal makeup work.

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