The 1997 VFX HQ Awards
Celebrating the finest in feature film visual effects achievement.

the judges

The final list of judges is posted below. It represents a cross section of acclaimed and experienced visual effects professionals. To determine the final winners in each category, each judge votes for a first, second and third place choice, with five points awarded to a first place vote, three awarded to a second place vote, and one for a third place vote. The final winner in each category was the film that earned the most points.


Craig Barron, visual effects supervisor
Mike Chambers, visual effects producer
Russell Darling, digital technologies
Erik Henry, visual effects supervisor
Jeff Heusser, digital compositing supervisor
Christopher Encino Horvath, technical director
Brian Jennings, visual effects supervisor
Peter Kuran, visual effects filmmaker
Van Ling, visual effects supervisor
Greg McMurray, visual effects supervisor
Stephanie Powell, visual effects supervisor
Chris Watts, visual effects supervisor

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