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    The Journal of Cinematic Illusions
    Cinefex is a quarterly magazine that features the season's top effects films and major effects companies. Published by Don Shay and edited by Jody Duncan, Cinefex details the strategy and production of on-set effects, creature creations, digital post-production, and computer generated imagery.

    Call (800) 434-3339, or visit for subscription rates.

    American Cinematographer
    The International Journal of
    Film and Electronic Production Techniques
    Each month, American Cinematographer (a publication of the American Society of Cinematographers, ASC) highlights two or three major productions currently in release and reports on new image gathering technology. AC also covers many facets of digital cinema, usually from the standpoint of the cinematographer or visual effects supervisor. AC has a website at

    Call (800) 448-0145 for subscription rates.

    alt.movies.visual-effects FAQ
    Fletcher Chenn maintains the exhaustive and informative alt.movies.visual-effects FAQ, which answers many basic questions about the industry. It is an invaluable tool for resources and information about visual effects. Check it out at It includes an extensive reading list that's worth looking at.
    Visual Effects Resource Center
    Maintained by two visual effects artists, the Visual Effects Resource Center features a long list of visual effects books, magazines and other reading materials pertaining to filmmaking, special effects and digital technologies. Check it out at
    Visual Magic
    Edited by Paul Younghusband, Visual Magic features news and reviews of the digital tools used by visual effects professionals. Check it out at
    Digital Magic
    A supplement to Computer Graphics World (, Digital Magic covers the effects industry, trends and techniques. Check it out at
    3DSite is an extensive, enormous site for 3D enthusiasts and artists. It features a popular free newsletter, an employment board, and much more. Check it out at
    Visual Effects Society
    VES is the newly formed organization of visual effects professionals. The site outlines the mission of the society, as well as membership information and upcoming activities. Check it out at
    3DArk is an independent site that covers the 3D animation world, and features plenty of tips, techniques and artwork. Check it out at

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