Spotlight : February 1998

February Effects Briefs
Edited by Todd Vaziri

Readers' Poll Results
FEBRUARY 12, 1998, originally posted

From February 1 through February 7, the question was posed to VFX HQ readers, "Which film had the best visual effects of 1997?" Based on 1321 ballots cast, here are the results:


      TITANIC             38%
      THE LOST WORLD      32%
      CONTACT              5%
      MEN IN BLACK         3%
      BATMAN & ROBIN       1%

Visual Effects Society Announces Hall Of Fame
FEBRUARY 12, 1998

Visual Effects Society (VES) will induct four effects legends into its recently created hall of fame. The inaugural class includes Linwood Dunn, Peter Ellenshaw, Ray Harryhausen and Albert Whitlock. The group will be inducted during a VES dinner, February 20.

Dunn was awarded an Academy Award in 1944 for his development of the first effects optical printer. Ellenshaw is a veteran of effects, having worked on such classics as MARY POPPINS, SPARTACUS and THE BLACK HOLE. Harryhausen is regarded as one of the most influential stop motion animators in the industry, having produced effects for JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG. Whitlock, a matte painting legend, lent his talents to the effects of EARTHQUAKE, THE BIRDS and THE HINDENBERG.

Academy Award Nominees Announced
FEBRUARY 10, 1998

The nominees are THE LOST WORLD, STARSHIP TROOPERS and TITANIC. For more information and the individual nominees, click here.

1997 VFX HQ Awards Nominees Announced
FEBRUARY 1, 1998

For more information, click here.

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