Spotlight : March 1998

Digital Football League Returns

Spring is knocking on our door, which means that it's time again for the Digital Football League, the flag football league populated by employees of Southern California effects houses. If you have any questions about the league, email the commissioner, Ruth Vasquez, at

Here are this year's teams:

Cinesite Decimators
Dream Quest Mighty Armadillos
HGI/Chandler Group
LPPI (CIS Hollywood/EFLIM) Pixel Punks
VisionArt Justice League

Here are the 1998 schedule and standings. Games were played on two fields in Hollywood.

WEEK 1 - Sunday, March 1
DreamQuest defeated HGI/Chandler, 32 - 18
Digiscope vs. Vision Art (Digiscope forfeits)
Cinesite defeated Lppi, 19 - 0

WEEK 2 - Sunday, March 8
Vision Art defeated Lppi, 48-20
HGI/Chandler defeated Cinesite, 24-18
DreamQuest defeated Digiscope, 12-6 in overtime

WEEK 3 - Sunday, March 15
Cinesite vs. Digiscope (Digiscope forfeits)
Lppi vs. HGI/Chandler (Lppi forfeits)
Vision Art defeated DreamQuest, 37 - 0

WEEK 4 - Sunday, March 22
Lppi vs. Digiscope (Digiscope forfeits)
DreamQuest defeated Cinesite (25-14)
Vision Art defeated HGI/Chandler (38-26)

WEEK 5 - Sunday, March 29
Lppi vs. DreamQuest
Vision Art vs. Cinesite
Digiscope vs. HGI/Chandler    ALL GAMES RAINED OUT

Sunday, April 5th
Lppi vs. DreamQuest
Vision Art vs. Cinesite       ALL GAMES RAINED OUT

Final Week
Championship Game

Vision Art Justice League       34
DreamQuest Mighty Armadillos    16

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