Directed by
Rob Cohen

Visual Effects Supervisor
Scott Squires

Visual Effects Producer
Judith Weaver

Visual Effects Art Director
Mark Moore

Visual Effects Liason
John Swallow

Dragon Design
Phil Tippett

Visual Effects
Preproduction Supervisor
Alex Seiden

Digital Effects Supervisors
Euan MaDonald
Kevin Rafferty

Digital Modelers
Paul Giacoppo
Paul Hunt
Bruce Buckley
Dan Taylor
Wayne Kennedy

Digital Artists
Carolyn Rendu
Robert Stromberg
Jean-Claude Langer
Mike Wassel

Additional Artwork
Rebecca Marie

Linda Bel
Chris Armstrong
Fumi Mashimo
Doug Smith
Tony Plett

Technical Director
Barry Armour

Compositing by
David Williams
Erik Mattson
Mike Bauer
Richard Patterson

Rotoscoping Supervisor
Sandy Houston

Kevin Barnhill
Joanne Hafner

Flying Animation Cycles by
Dennis Turner

Lip Sync Software Developed by
Cary Phillips

Character Animation Supervisor
James Straus

Test Animation by
James Straus
Jim Mitchell

Physical Effects by
Kit West

ILM Creature Shop
Department Manager
Jeff Olson

Creature Shop Supervisor
Jean Bolte

Mechanical Engineers
Mike Steffe
Eben Stromquist

Bob Kiefer

Richard Miller

Visual Effects Produced by:

Nominee, 1996 Academy Award / Best Visual Effects

1996 VFX HQ
Award Winner

One of ILM's big 1996 productions, DRAGONHEART represents another huge step in computer generated characters in motion pictures. First was THE ABYSS, then T2 and JURASSIC PARK. Then came 1995's CASPER, with Dennis Muren's ILM team creating terrific CG thespians. For DRAGONHEART, Director Rob Cohen rounded up a team of some of the biggest names in effects: Scott Squires (THE MASK), Phil Tippett (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) and physical effects supervisor Kit West (STARGATE). Shooting wrapped in Eastern Europe in early 1995, and with Tippett's animatics as reference, the ILM team went to work.

A marvelous success of CG modelling, animation and compositing, DRAGONHEART, along with TWISTER, cements ILM's status as the revolutionary effects house. The tracking shot of Draco being chased down a river by angry and hungry villagers includes some of the most extensive rotoscoping I've ever seen. What surprised me after seeing DRAGONHEART was my newfound respect for Dennis Muren's JURASSIC PARK team at ILM. They accomplished many of the same techniques seen in DRAGONHEART three years ago, although DRAGONHEART takes the CG dinos many steps further. Certain shots in the film run nearly thirty seconds--under enormous scrutiny, each shot was near perfection.

Check out Cinefex 66, American Cinematographer June '96 and Sept. '97.

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