Directed by Joe Pytka
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ed Jones
Digital Effects Supervisors: Carlos Arguello and Doug Tubach

Visual Effects Produced by:

CINESITE (~1100 shots)

Animation Produced by:


1996 VFX
HQ Award Winner

Michael Jordan and the stars of Warner Bros. cartoons are featured in this huge production. The film's visual effects are staggering. Much like 1988's WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, where animation supervisor Richard Williams and ILM optical supervisor Ken Ralston combined live-action and animated footage, SPACE JAM takes ROGER RABBIT's lead, and then goes much further. ROGER RABBIT was a monumental achievement in the pre-digital era, and SPACE JAM appears to be its heir apparent.

Daffy Duck performs a thorough checkup of the new
recruit, Chicago Bulls superstar, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan performed entire sequences within the confines
of a greenscreen studio. Cinesite later composited him against animated
and computer generated backgrounds and foregrounds.

Visual effects supervisor Ed Jones (who also earned an Academy Award for ROGER RABBIT) and the digital crew of Cinesite completed shots for SPACE JAM that averaged 30 elements per composite.

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