The 1997 VFX HQ Awards
Celebrating the finest in feature film visual effects achievement.

official rules

All films considered must have had a 35mm theatrical release in the U.S. within the calendar year of 1997.

Multiple submissions for a show/sequence/shot for a particular category will not increase the chances of becoming a finalist. All finalists are to be selected by the VFX HQ.

No physical awards or trophies, at this time, are planned to be handed out. Trophies will only be handed out if the Awards receive corporate sponsorship, which the VFX HQ is pursuing.

Applications for nominee consideration were due January 31, 1998. Finalists were announced on February 7, 1998. Winners were be announced the first week of March, 1998.

All decisions of the VFX HQ are final. Application submission denotes acceptance of these rules.

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