Nominated for two 1997 VFX HQ Awards: Best Shot (Underwater Dodge) and Best CG Character Animation.

One of the fall's big sci-fi releases is ALIEN: RESURRECTION, featuring Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder. The film was directed by the sometimes goofy French director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Blue Sky|VIFX's New York office, which recently completed CG imagery for JOE'S APARTMENT, provided CG alien effects for the film, while their LA office handled some non-character CG effects. Visual effects were also provided by Pitof's house, Duboi; the house has set up a special page on their web site devoted to their work on the film. All miniatures were created by Hunter/Gratzner Industries.

Continuing their duties from ALIEN 3, Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis supervised Amalgamated Dynamics in the creation of the live-action aliens.

For the first time in the alien franchise, the title character is featured in many sequences as a fully computer generated character. Modeling and animating the star of the movie is the star of character animation, the Harrison, NY Blue Sky|VIFX facility.

The who section takes a look at the people and houses involved with the film's visual effects, the review section is a critical look at the effects, the how section features comments and stories from the effects' creators, and the stills sections contain stills of aliens, ships and more.

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