Directed by Paul Verhoeven

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Nominated for eight 1997 VFX HQ Awards: Best Visual Effects, Best Sequence (Whisky Compound), Best Shot (Escape from Whisky Compound), Best CG Character Animation, Best Models/Miniatures, Best Miniature Pyrotechnics, Best Matte Paintings and Best Compositing, Winner of Best Miniature Pyrotechnics.

Nominee for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects

Paul Verhoeven reteams with his ROBOCOP writers to bring us STARSHIP TROOPERS, the long-awaited sci-fi epic. The film stars relative unknowns, along with Michael Ironside and Neil Patrick Harris in this futuristic sci-fi extravanganza about a massive war between humans and some nasty bug aliens.

The coverage of STARSHIP TROOPERS is the largest of any other movie on the VFX HQ to date:

  • who - takes a look at the companies and individuals behind the effects

  • review - behind the scenes of the movie's visual effects, as told by the artists and supervisors

  • how - a discussion with some of the movie's primary visual effects artists

  • pics - three sections of photos, bugs, space and more

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